Latest find Ali.

Fresh collection 10 findings from AliExpress, which were not included in our other collections. In this issue: cool stabilizer for smartphone signal booster Wi-Fi, unusual paintings and much more!

1. Shipping from Russia! Stabilizer for smartphone

Price: 6718 rubles.

Classroom-tested stabilizer for your smartphone. Perfectly stabilizes, allowing you to capture quality video with no jitter on any smartphone. Is times cheaper counterparts, but works fine.

2. Signal booster wifi from Xiaomi

Price: 922 ruble (20% discount).

Signal booster wifi from Xiaomi. Allows you to make Wi-Fi fast and stable in any room.

3. Wireless headphones

Price: 1211 rubles (47% discount).

Checked wireless headphones with comfortable fitting and protection from water. But their main feature is the long life — up to 7 hours.

4. Pocket microscope

Price: 697 rubles (discount 17%).

A small pocket microscope that magnifies up to 240-fold. Great purchase as a toy or as a gift for a child.

5. Apron

Price: 300 rubles (15% discount).

Unusual bright apron with a fun print. Original purchase for all hostesses, especially if the apron fits the color of the kitchen.

6. “Smart” socket

Price: 892 ruble (discount 13%).

One of the most stable “smart” outlets. Managed and tracked via smartphone. In addition, it has a RGB backlight, which can also be set.

7. Original paintings

Price: 185 rubles (50% discount).

Quality pictures to decorate the house. Paintings are available in various sizes — choose the desired place.

8. Sunglasses

Price: 451 ruble (discount 62%).

Sunglasses male sunglasses that will save all motorists in the spring and summer.

9. Armored phone

Price: 2116 rubles (40% discount).

Truly armored from the well-known phone manufacturer Ulefone. The phone is shatterproof and water — it is possible though to quit, but he will continue to work freely.

10. Unusual case for iPhone

Price: 559 rubles (discount 45%).

Original case for iPhone, on the rear surface of which is a real game console. In the case you can play different types of Tetris.


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