Best finds of the day!

Fresh selection of unusual finds from AliExpress! In this issue: the gadget that will greatly improve selfies on any smartphone, original Xiaomi MOP, spring iPhone case and much more.

1. Gadget for a perfect selfie

Price: 203 ruble (25% discount).

A simple but very effective gadget to improve selfies on any smartphone. Allows the right way to illuminate the face and to maximize the quality of the result. In addition, the pupils appear beautiful mug selfie fans will be delighted.

2. “Smart” light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1353 ruble (20% discount).

Smart light bulb from Xiaomi, which is currently sold at a very reasonable price. Light can Shine in millions of different colors and be controlled directly from your smartphone.

3. MOP Xiaomi

Price: 1536 rubles.

Unusual MOP from the company Xiaomi. A MOP is not only very convenient and easy to use but also has a special system of injection of water. Pressing the button on the MOP handle, you will add water to the MOP, thus even more simplifying the process of washing floors.

4. Spring case for iPhone

Price: 258 roubles (20% discount).

If you thought that on the rear surface of the spring case for iPhone ordinary print, something was wrong. Directly inside the transparent cover is a herbarium! A very original solution.

5. Smart watch

Price: 2194 ruble (53% off).

Smart watch for iPhone and Android smartphones. Watch made in the style of Apple Watch. The set of functions of the gadget is decent: from the transfer of notifications from your smartphone to track your activity and calories burned.

6. “Smart” socket

Price: 788 rubles (discount 21%).

The smart outlet, which will allow you to know exactly turned off if you technique the house. The socket is controlled from a smartphone — it can be enable, disable, and configure the schedule while anywhere.

7. Shipping from Russia! Foldable hair dryer Philips

Price: 1245 rubles (50% discount).

Quality folding Hairdryer from a well known manufacturer Philips. A Hairdryer has a power of 1600 watts, three speed settings, the option of cold blowing and a convenient foldable handle.

8. Double container for food

Price: 787 rubles (30% discount).

A convenient metal container with two compartments for food. Cool purchase for all who are tired to take a mount small containers.

9. Unusual bottle-thermos

Price: 748 rubles (discount 51%).

Original bottle-thermos for water, tea, coffee and other beverages. The bottle is made of stainless steel — not plastic. However, its main feature is a beautiful print.

10. Wireless headphones

Price: 1352 ruble (50% discount).

High-quality wireless headphones, the number of purchases which is close to 30 thousand. Freely headphones work with iPhone and Android smartphones. The sound is very clear and loud, there is noticeable bass. The time of headphones work for about four hours, but the included charging case allows you to quickly charge your headphones up to five times. The final battery life — 20 hours.


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