Moscow, March 29 — “News. Economy.” Technology does not stand still, constantly appear new and new gadgets that find their audience. However, the history of technology is not without setbacks. Below we will talk about the gadgets, which proved to be a failure, and failed to become popular. Pebble

Pebble device in the form of a watch from the company Pebble Technology.

The money for this project, the developers collected through the project website Kickstarter.

The first copies were delivered to customers in early 2013, for July, according to the company, was delivered 85,000 devices.

Thought this gadget as a handy addition to a smartphone that allows you to control some functions without removing the phone.

The end of the Pebble came in 2016, when the company’s assets were sold Fitbit. The Apple battery charger AirPower

AirPower from Apple is a wireless charger that is compatible with several the latest models of devices of the same company.

In contrast to a series of similar devices that are already sold earlier, now charging do not need to wear a special case.

devices and for the most part future tech devices from Apple.

The first announcement of wireless charging took place in the early autumn of 2017.

It is noted that this device allows you to charge multiple gadgets at the same time.

However, despite the fact that the device seemed a miracle, it never received wide distribution in the market. Google Glass

Google Glass headset for smartphones based on Android, developed by Google.

The device uses a transparent display mounted on the head and sits just above the right eye, with the camera capable of recording high quality video.

January 15, 2015 Google announced the suspension of production of Glass in its current state, noting that the product has completed its experimental stage in Google Labs.

The development and production of the product is transferred to another unit. Segway

Segway electric self-balancing vehicle with two wheels located on either side of the driver that looks like a chariot. Invented By Dean Kamenom.

Segways do not fit into the modern road network: the driver of a Segway on the roadway in danger, and on the sidewalk threatens pedestrians. Therefore, there are laws limiting the use of the Segway (in different countries they differ).

September 27, 2010 62-year-old millionaire Jimi Heselden, owner of Segway, died while on a trip on a Segway. He lost control and fell off a cliff into the river Wharf. Jawbone ICON

Once your headset with the Bluetooth seemed like a really interesting product that allows us to be constantly connected, and also listen to music or audiobooks and not be limited by wires.

Judging by the reviews, this headset was good, had good insulation and good sound. However, in the end it did not become a hit in the market. Apple Bandai Pippin

The Apple Pippin Games console designed by Apple Computer in the mid-1990s.

When the Bandai Pippin was released, the consoles have already been busy with the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, which was much more powerful than Pippin.

Besides, there was very little software for Pippin, and its sole producer was Bandai.

Cost $599 at launch and advertised as a cheap computer, the system is more positioned as a gaming console, but compared to the other consoles were very expensive. Juicero

How many people will accept to receive a juicer for $699, which required a too expensive package for juicing?

As it turned out, these were few.

During the year the price of the juicer was reduced to $399, and the company became the object of serious criticism, as it became clear that this juicer makes juice is not better than the more budget competitors.

By September 2017 Juicero and its packs for the juice ceased to enter the market. Smart glasses Snapchat

Another failure was a smart glasses Snapchat with built-in camera. The company unveiled its first device — the 130-dollar Spectacles, in 2016.

They were produced in one size and three colours: black, greenish blue and coral.

Its built-in camera, they could be used not only as a stylish accessory, but also a modern trendy gadget is made using the latest technology.

Around the product was a lot of excitement, however, as glasses have become more affordable, demand for them began to fall.

At the moment the company is trying to sell the remains to the University campuses and bookstores.

One of the drawbacks of smart glasses called the inability to upload videos shot with their help. Microsoft Kin ONE and Kin TWO
Mobile phones Kin ONE and Kin TWO was one of the biggest failures of Microsoft.

According to unofficial reports, the operator Verizon Wireless (it distributes KIN One and KIN Two in USA) have managed to implement from 500 to 10 thousand copies.

These phones simply couldn’t compete with iPhone and Android devices. Smart toys

Smart toys seemed like a good idea, which eventually turned out to be bad.

People began to buy children toys that could record sound, photos and even speak with the child.

However, it soon became clear that this isn’t safe. So, in 2015, the company Vtech, a manufacturer of smart toys, became a victim of hacker attacks.

Potentially, these toys can be used to steal all sorts of information, including credit card numbers, ID, and other data.

In addition, the photo made such a toy, may indicate such things as the welfare of the family, family relationships, etc.

All these data criminals can use to their advantage.

This led to the fact that more and more people began to think, before you give your child a similar toy.

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