Moscow, December 17 — “Conduct. Economy” Business Insider has named the ten apps from the App store, developers have received the greatest profit in 2018. 10. Hulu — $132.6 million
The subscription video streaming service with TV shows, movies, trailers, and other products from companies NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and many other studios and TV channels.

9. QQ — $159.7 million
The most common in China, the service of instant messaging. Supported telecommunications company Tencent.

8. Youku — $192.9 million
The largest video portal in China by number of visits. Youku combines the business model used by Hulu, NetFlix and YouTube, and also produces a number of its own web-TV shows under Youku Originals brand, which is actively used product placement. In 2012, it merged with Tudou video service. 7. Pandora — $225.7 million
The service streams music on the Internet

6. YouTube — $244.2 million
Videohostinga website that provides users with services of storage, delivery and display of video. 5. Kwai (Kuaishou) — $264.5 million
The social network, where the main feature is the focus on video content — here don’t publish and don’t write posts with philosophical overtones. Users come here in order to upload your video with singing, jokes, some life situations and all in such spirit.

4. iQiyi at $420.5 million
iQiyi is a Chinese online video streaming platform that provides access to a licensed feature and documentary films, serials, TV shows and entertainment TV programs. Also provides services to the advertisers. iQiyi is a Chinese analogue of Netflix. 3. Tinder is $462.2 million
Popular partly paid app for mobile platforms Android and Apple iOS, is designed for romantic Dating in accordance with preset parameters and taking into account geolocation. Tinder only works with accounts of social network Facebook. 2. Tencent Video — $490.0 million
Project Tencent Video (the Chinese alternative to YouTube) has become China’s largest video service by number of paid accounts.

1. Netflix — $790.2 million
Netflix is an American entertainment company, provider of films and TV series based on streaming media.

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