New iPhone, unveiled in September, did not become a bestseller after selling, but despite this, sales are steadily rising, and especially on the eve of new year holidays. For users who have already purchased one of the three iPhone: Xs, Max Xs and Xr, we picked up a few useful accessories that you will need for your mobile companion.

Baseus 1+1
First and foremost, what need to buy is a protective case that expensive smartphone has retained its original appearance as long as possible. For level Apple requires an appropriate level of manufacturer “bumpers” — this is Baseus producing only quality products. This model includes two elements: a simple cover and cover-powerbank 5000 mAh. Besides, the built-in battery supports wireless charging. Useful branded accessory will cost 3900 roubles ($60).

Apple AirPods

You can pick up a cheap alternative to the Apple branded wireless headphones, which will cost up to 2,000 rubles, but you wouldn’t want to do. Replacement AirPods simply does not exist, namely in terms of sound quality, operation time on a single charge of 5 hours and a unique original design. Moreover, they are quite affordable in price for all owners of the novelties of the iPhone or more recent versions of, for example. Price — 6000 rubles ($90).

Hoco B35C Entourage

Powerbank is also a must-have accessory when buying iPhone Xs or his fellows. Manufacturer Hoco produces great supplementary devices for smartphones and does so efficiently and tastefully. The battery is made in the traditional “Apple” devices design. The capacity is 12,000 mAh, there are a couple of USB for simultaneous charging of two devices. And a digital gauge that also an important point. Buy powerbank is 2 500 rubles ($35).

JBL Go 2
Without Bluetooth speakers now I can not do no self-respecting fan of iPhones. The market of these devices has become so extensive that sometimes get lost and not know what to choose. Not in our rules to choose the goods, so only high quality speakers JBL. The device has very small dimensions, autonomy up to 5 hours on one charge and waterproof case. Reviews of Go 2 the most positive, but especially the praising sound quality. Price — 2500 rubles ($35).

Xiaomi Selfie Stick Tripod

One of the best deals in the market among selfie-sticks. The gadget has a high build quality, minimalist design that will fit iPhone, 2018, and advanced functionality. There is a function of the monopod, trinoga for installation on a flat surface and remote control. All made from high quality aluminum and plastic, the reliability of the design can not be doubted. You can buy Tripod for 1,500 rubles ($23).

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