Today, the smartphone for many of us is truly a personal gadget, which contains a lot of personal and very confidential information. Think about how much your photo, video, contacts, emails, messages, and notes stored in your smartphone? And that’s not to mention the various applications that provide access to financial data accounts of banks and other services. Only need someone to have your cell phone, and the consequences can be dire. Sometimes hacking gadget not necessarily to steal it, there are ways to remote effects. Some of them allow you to draw out money, others to gain full access.

Access Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Most often, the smartphones hacked during the wireless network connection. How often do you connect to free Wi-Fi in a cafe? Each such connection can be potentially dangerous. If the attacker uses this channel hacking, you usually don’t even know. In the best case, cyber criminals can find out where and what you were typing, what websites looked and what files are transferred. At worst via Wi-Fi on your smartphone can be loaded with malware that can transmit data to remote devices. Try to protect yourself only precaution: do not connect once again to the dubious networks, and if it did, then in any case, do not enter any personal data in the browser and apps.

Password guessing

The stolen smartphone, attackers can try to guess the password. Manual entry and search of variants, of course, will not help, so in the course are special software and decoders. Simple users there is nothing to fear hacking of this kind is often used deliberately, to smartphones of people who have access to confidential information or large financial assets.

Peeping password

If the password cannot be read or pick up, it is possible to look. In any public place, in a cafe or transport we all use a smartphone, unlocking it previously. If this is a set of numbers or a pattern, that any sitting can just peep it. If you know the password, it remains for small — to steal your smartphone. Having access to the gadget with your own key, the offender will have access to all your data: photos, forms autocomplete on the sites linked cards — this is really dangerous.

Fake biometrics

With the advent of fingerprint scanners and sensors scanning the faces of many users for a long time already do not use numeric codes and graphic clues. But do not think that biometrics is more reliable. On top models iPhone technology Face ID does provide serious protection, but even it can crack. And on cheaper devices — even more so. Biometric security budget Android devices can be circumvented with photos of fingerprints, its 3D-model or picture of the user’s face. Often face scanner is triggered and just like humans, which is why many manufacturers do not recommend the use of this authentication method like basic, giving access to all your data on the smartphone.

The use of bugs and vulnerabilities

Often, cybercriminals get access to the device using a system error, not corrected by the manufacturer. In the case of Apple gadgets hackers can replace certain components inside the iPhone, triggering a system error. It’s kind of a loophole which hackers have learned to use. In the system, too many vulnerabilities that Google and Apple don’t always have time to fix it. They may relate to certain services or pre-installed applications. In any case, the decision here will be only timely updates to the operating system and all applications. Often check for updates and do not delay their installation.

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