Or maybe it’s a hint of long-awaited innovation?

Huge menu interface of volume is recognized by the iPhone one of the main disadvantages of iOS. The menu is right in the middle of the screen, thus blocking what is happening on the display and disappears for a long time. Users are not the first asking Apple to do anything with this menu and even offer the variants of implementation much less noticeable menu to adjust the sound. Over the last of them laughed senior Vice President of development Apple software Craig Federighi.

Dissatisfaction with the cumbersome menu, volume control in iOS has created dozens of concepts. Designers and ordinary users have repeatedly shown how Apple can have a very simple way to make the menu compact. For example, following the example of Android, doing it in the form of small strips at the top of the interface.

One of the users decided to have some fun and created a “concept of ideal menu volume”. He just took the current menu and stretched it to full screen. Your “concept” the user has sent e-mail to Craig Federighi.

And, suddenly, Federighi replied to the letter. In response to the proposal to introduce a new huge menu adjust the volume, he wrote, “Aced!” and left a winking smiley.

Original answer Federighi proved once again that Apple is aware of the dissatisfaction of the users. But if the company plans to change something? Currently, the expectations of users assigned to iOS 13. The upgrade will be the long awaited dark theme interface, so why hovering last interface change the volume finally updated?

Are there similar plans for Apple learn 3 June at the conference WWDC 2019.

Source: Reddit.


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