Russian users were more likely to donate old smartphones to recycling to buy new with a good discount. This was told by representatives of retail chains.

The trade-in program for smartphones is quite popular in the West. For example, in the United States any adult Apple can donate the old device to the Apple Store and get a discount on the purchase of a new gadget or gift card that you can use to pay for future purchases.

The most expensive can be evaluated old computer — up to $ 1000 for a smartphone can get up to $ 290 up to $ 250 for the tablet and up to $ 175 for a smart watch.

Apple encourages users to participate in the trade-in program, as they restored a smartphone can be a great helper for someone else. Which in turn will reduce the amount of waste that pollute the environment, and the energy cost of manufacturing new devices.

In 2018, an increased interest in exchange of old gadgets for new showed and Russian buyers.

For the second quarter of 2018 participated in the trade-in program was attended by almost 100 000 customers United network “Euroset-the Messenger”, which is about 66 times more than in the second quarter of 2017. The company’s management attributes this to extension services. Previously, users could exchange only Apple equipment, and the number of stores where you can do it, it was very limited. Now the program involved almost all retail point of unification, and the list of brands was replenished with popular Android manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei Honor, LG, Xiaomi, Nokia and Sony.

At the customer network of electronics stores “M. Video” from the beginning of 2017, interest trade-in has increased ten-fold.

Those who handed smartphones in retail stores Beeline, on average received a discount on the purchase of a new gadget in 8 thousand roubles, and in MTS — about 10 thousand rubles. Both operators noted that subscribers began to participate in the program three times as often, compared to 2017.

Every tenth customer re:Store and buys a phone with a trade-in discount.


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