Trade-in emerged among the motorists, where the main problem was, and sometimes remains are not buying new cars and selling old ones. It not only decided with the help of this service, but have simplified the whole scheme: today, you can come into the showroom on their own, fairly used vehicles and to leave on just descended from the conveyor of the new product, with a guarantee, and if need be, deferred. And all in one day. This format caught on in Russia at present for individual brands with trade-in purchased up to 50% of the cars. This efficiency has led to the fact that the principles of the trade-in were also used in other fields, for example in fashion retail. In July 2017 the retail network re:Store was the first who introduced a trade-in for iPhone in Russia. We asked our customers to exchange their pre-owned smartphones for a new iPhone model. Today at re:Store we have seen a steady growth of interest in using the trade-in among our customers.

Trade-in motivates Russian buyers in the first place of the economic component and the security of the transactions: as a result of sharing it with the benefit of leases used and gets a discounted new device from the official partner of the manufacturer. Although we often explain the difference in price — our end user is not in the course of such a concept as “residual” item cost: at the existing price of the device owner “forgets” to include its wear during operation. However, the adoption of this is also a matter of time.

Some buyers, after reviewing our terms, tried to implement their devices through online flea markets, but sooner or later returned to us with understanding: the difference in price kompensiruet saved time and nerves, as well as the reliability of the transaction. In order to pass the unit, you will need to confirm their accounts in it and it also checked through the IMEI. Then in the presence of the owner erases all of the data that today is also important — personal information just will not be third parties or shared. As a result, all who applied to us, received positive experience of the trade-in. And this is a guarantee that such clients will use this service in the future.

Too short practice trade-in in Russia does not yet allow you to collect statistics on return customers. At the same time, and the service life of the apparatus is increased: if before the time ownership of the smartphone amounted to an average of one year, now 1.5–2 years.

On the other hand, re:Store is expanding its audience through a larger list of accepted for trade-in devices: today, we accepted for exchange not only iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, but laptops from other manufacturers are not older than 2012 model year. And last but not least for the client — we have a multi-trade-in, when all commissioned devices are summarized when you pay, it is possible to pass two old Apple gadget and acquire more discount one new device.

Under the program trade-in re:Store is working with three partners who are engaged in the disassembly and recycling of used devices. After all, another factor affecting the popularity of the trade-in in the country, is slowly becoming a growing number of buyers committed to sustainable way of life. Today it is mostly the younger generation that will eventually become the most active category of consumers. And in this area Apple is already working ahead of the curve: for example, the cases for the MacBook are produced from special aluminum alloy, then going to be melted down for new products. Thus, the manufacturer, creating a new technique, and we are implementing it, provide the possibility of processing devices, the maximum waste-free way. As a result, today in Russia, the program trade-in is smart, convenient and safe way profitable to buy a new device and not harm the environment. That is, towards conscious consumption.

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