Microsoft has once again caused outrage users. She has released a cumulative update with a number KB4467682, which “kills” laptops Surface Pro 2 Book.

Windows package 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) and Windows Server 2016 (1803) was presented on 27 November 2018 and is designed for upgrading the quality of the operation of the OS. Was announced get rid of weight problems — from loss of responsiveness of the system to block the opening presentation files (.pptx) that you exported from Google presentations.

Koporatsiya warned that when you install the update, you may experience some problems with the creation of the SqlConnection instance, that may generate an exception.

It was assumed that when playing certain media file you can lock a panel display playback in Windows Media Player.

However, this nightmare was not expecting anyone. The first complaints on Reddit appeared eight days ago. Users have reported a “blue screen of death” and the message “SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED”, which appeared after installing a batch of updates.

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Maybe we are talking about tens of thousands of victims. Moreover, the Windows 10 operating system automatically installs the updates itself. Users had to reinstall the OS, losing all your personal data.

Some lucky ones were able to “undo” the update, other to return the operating system to its original position failed.

In Mictosoft few days was silent, then admitted the mistake and advised not to install the update. If it has already happened, then restore the system by connecting the recovery drive.

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The Corporation reported that for the protection of customers, the package is removed from Windows update and the Microsoft Update catalog. Fixed and improved version that contains the solution to this problem will be available in December 2018.

Compounding the situation is the cost of the notebook Surface Book 2, is primarily affected by the updates. The cheapest version costs $ 1,300. In Russia they are sold at price from 172 to 259 thousand rubles.

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The more a shame that the updates and the laptop was developed in Microsoft. That is, the OS in the first place was to be tested on the machines of the company who proclaimed it their most powerful laptops.

Curiously, this situation is quite typical for any large software company. This “360” reported hacker Alexander Warski.

“Especially if it’s Microsoft, the absolute of the absolute. The largest that we have. According to the law of large numbers errors. Everything depends on the prevalence and incidence. And we are not talking about security holes, and software error. In fact, something similar already a couple of times,” recalled Warski.

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He suggested that another failure of Microsoft will give the soil the Apple fans who use the MacBook Air, to declare the superiority of their favourite brand.

“I will say, of course, that Apple is huge. But it’s not. If prevalence and incidence of OSes MacBook Air were comparable with Windows, at least 20%, they would have happened exactly the same failures”, — said the hacker.

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Alexander Warski added that the problem is global, and the attack on Microsoft was aimed at the Russians.

“It’s not a strategic story. In addition to de, with the “blue screen”, it is counterproductive. Especially because of the updates suffer, as a rule, laptops, manufactured by the Corporation. In Russia they are quite small, they are very expensive and generally a thing quite specific. We already know that it is a world problem, and on the sighting of nastiness that Russian users of speech can’t be”, — said our expert.

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