The US President Donald trump has been a funny clause — at a recent meeting with representatives of American companies, he called Apple CEO Tim cook “Tim Apple”. In his Twitter the head of state wrote that he did it for the sake of saving time and words.

“During a recent roundtable with heads of companies and much later I introduced Tim cook Apple, I quickly answered Tim + Apple, referring to the Tim belonging to the company. I did it for the sake of reducing time and unnecessary words. But the media have ignored this fact, turning it into another bad news about trump,” wrote the US President in his microblog.

Funny episode with the name Tim cook as occurred in Washington when Apple’s CEO spoke about the success of the educational program of the company. After the speech, trump said, what a great contribution the company makes to the creation of jobs in the United States.

“We very much appreciate it, Tim Apple”, — said the head of the White house.

Himself Tim cook to the reservation trump react with humor: on Twitter he changed his name to the Apple logo, so pedigrew American President.

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