The President of the United States Donald trump got into an awkward position during a meeting with General Director of Apple Tim cook. Netizens have ridiculed the absurd mistake of the American leader.

During the conversation the head of the country called the Manager “Tim Appam”. He replaced the name of CEO name of the company that it controls. The video of what happened appeared a few hours ago on page television producer nick Ramsey on Twitter.

Users began to change the names of well-known figures in the name of the organizations they lead. “Not to be confused with bill Microsoft,” wrote one subscriber. “With Elon or Tesla,” he picked up another. “Why this meeting was not attended by the Facebook mark and Jeff Amazon?”, “Tim Apple is Steve Macintosh our generation!”, “Don’t forget about Jack on Twitter!” — noted by commentators.

We will remind that it not the first case when Donald trump becomes the object of ridicule users. One day the leader of the United States have mixed Cola with cocaine, called the state of Nepal in tune with the word Nipple (meaning nipple), and the Kingdom of Bhutan — Вutton (button). In addition, the head of the country often posts strange, illogical posts that confused the citizens of America, the TV channel “360”.

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