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New streaming TV service Apple will be launched by the end of 2019. Subscribers of the new TV service will be able to view only a few original TV shows from Apple, as well as movies and TV shows some of the major content providers. This was reported by the New York Post, citing reliable sources.

Apple executives interfering with the production of original TV shows the company, say sources. Content producers say that with Apple’s “hard work” because of “the lack of transparency and Intrusive leaders.”

According to the New York Post, Apple CEO Tim cook told content producers “not be evil” as the company tries to balance the demand for drama, the story of history and family show. In this regard, there are delays, because of which the brand launch TV service Apple will be deferred until the end of the year.

One of the producers said that Apple makes a lot of sudden changes, fires and hires new authors. According to him, cook has openly stated that he wants the content, perfect for family viewing, but Apple gave the producers scenarios that relate to controversial topics such as religion.

Earlier it was reported that Apple will introduce its own streaming TV service on the presentation in March. It is not excluded that due to the delay of the announcement of the service will be postponed until the autumn.

Source: The New York Post.


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