Since the founding of Twitter never to view the status online, but soon it will change.

A series of controversial changes to Twitter, it seems, will not end never. This time, the creators of the social network has decided to rethink the system responses to the tweets and turned them into mini-chat, similar to those in iMessage and WhatsApp.

Also in these Windows will display the status of users. This means that now every member of the conversation knows who of the interlocutors is online right now.

Such a design of the interface will speed up the communication in the social network, and also provide tweets of the person who started the communication (purple and blue).

About innovations reported one of the employees of the social network of Sara Haider. And then mention the founder of the service @jack.

Users familiar with potential changes, the majority responded negatively. They noted that the Twitter audience likes it precisely because of the similarity with the classical blogs, and simplicity. The status display for the online transformation and communication under the tweets in the chat can ruin the fundamental idea of this social network.

Previously Twitter has repeatedly upset users. One of the recent changes was the removal of the API for third-party developers, which from apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific is missing a function.


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