More than two years fans of Apple products waited for the release of a new generation of headphones AirPods2. This moment finally came, but consumers from them in delight not come.

And the reason for complaint, as noted Вuzzfeed, was the fact that they are like two drops of water resemble the previous model. Moreover, models are only sold in white.

Fans seemed not to have noticed that the second generation of wireless headphones have high data transfer rate that significantly increased the quality of sound. They are not impressed with the new feature that allows you to activate the voice assistant by saying: “Hey Siri”. Although, the possibility of engraving any of the words in the box headphones they liked, and even somewhat inspired.

“I will make the engraving “Tim Apple”,” — wrote one of the wags, hinting at a clause of the US President Donald trump, who called so the CEO of Apple Tim cook.

Another user was puzzled problem: “the old and New headphones look the same. How do I know from Starbucks know that their junk doesn’t hold a candle to my headphones?”. He immediately offered a solution: “And you yell “Hey Siri!” as loud as you can”.

This phrase has attracted the attention of one lover to show off.

“I’m in a room full of corpses with the old AirPods, shouting “Hey, Siri!””.

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