In the story a group of boys are sent to the forum “Morning” in Tyumen, on the way they stop at a gas station where the girl with a pearl earring meets a cashier, burdened working weekdays. She invites him to join them in the way the guys sing songs, take pictures, have a picnic around the campfire. In the end, the heroes come from Kurgan to Tyumen, and in the caption it becomes clear that to be continued.

— That the forum “Morning” will film a sequel. The story of four resilient children is not yet complete: as can be seen from the plot, the cashier from the gas station, went to the forum without registration. But only after the forum, the viewer learns what ended the story of his experience. Make the decision it will be the participants of the event: together with them we’ll get a continuation of — said Alain Nechaeva, producer of the clip.

Videographer the video was Nikita Mashkin and Director — Ivan karmatskiy. Ivan notes that the work was productive shooting and missed just two days, this has helped the cohesion of the team: they are aware of their responsibilities. Filming were only 9 people, among them location Manager, technician, assistant cameraman, prop master, makeup artist.

The most difficult stage, the team identified the frame with the car when it was necessary to shoot the car. For this it was necessary to put the operator into the trunk of another car that was traveling ahead.

Also guys note that the choice of characters of the clip corresponds to the new corporate style of the forum “Morning-2019”. In this the masterpieces of world art complement fragments of photographs, slogans and images of the industrial Urals, the Urals shows that young people are not only working, but also creative, inventive, seeking new and innovative approaches to solutions of questions.

Track from the clip is also created in Tyumen authors: especially for offline composer Cyril Borodulin wrote the music. The authors of the text: Mikhail Artemyev, Alexey Yuzhakov. And the performers: Ilya Barkhatov, Mikhail Artemyev.

The clip has already attracted 32735 views in a social network “Vkontakte”. Photo: press service of the forum “Morning”

Listen and download the song will be a musical service at the end of may: Apple Music, BOOM, Deezer, Google Play Music, Zvooq and “Yandex. Music”.


“Morning-2019” will take place on the basis of the Tyumen presidential cadet school in 2 shifts: 20-25 June — regional and 25-30 June Federal. It will take part 1230 people from 6 regions of the Urals Federal district (Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan region, Yugra and Yamal). Also to the event to join 50 participants from other regions of Russia. The theme will be creative capital.

To participate, you must register on the website forumula.of the Russian Federation until may 25.

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