MOSCOW, 26 Mar /PRIME/. The judge of the Commission United States international trade said Tuesday that U.S. imports of some models of the iPhone should be banned because it is violating one Apple patent American manufacturer of processors and components for mobile devices Qualcomm, the decision will be by July, reports Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, judge Mary Joan McNamara announced that it intends to recommend a ban on the import of certain Apple models, which are made in China. However, she noted that found no infringement of other patents of Qualcomm.

It is noted that the conclusions reached by judge, later will be considered by the Commission at full strength. A final decision is expected by July.

In mid-March, it was reported that a jury in San Diego has recognized Apple guilty of patent infringement by Qualcomm. The court ruled that Apple violated three patents of Qualcomm.

In December 2018 a court in the Chinese Fuzhou imposed a preliminary ban on sales in Europe’s seven models of the Apple in connection with the infringement of the patent rights to Qualcomm. Later, Apple filed an appeal against this decision, stating that it did not violate the patent rights to Qualcomm, and a ban on the sale of products is beyond the scope of judicial decisions.

As passed to Reuters, Apple will update the software of its smartphones for the resolution of claims and cancellation of preliminary ban on the sale of some models of iPhone in China.

In December, the regional court in Munich issued a verdict, according to which Apple had violated a patent Qualcomm installation on iPhone of certain technical components. In early January, Qualcomm had made a security payment of 1.34 billion euros, necessary for the imposition of a temporary ban on the sale in Germany of some iPhone models.

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