Alexander Usoltsev, born in 1956, living in Zelenograd, was charged with inciting hatred in a social network, and sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of one year.

62-the summer pensioner has pleaded guilty. The reason the charges are memes on the page of the convict in the “Classmates”.

The court characterized the image as containing a set of psychological and linguistic characteristics of fomenting enmity and hatred against groups of persons, United on a national basis.

All of these publications have been made almost a year and a half ago, but that did not stop the investigation to reach a verdict. Also during the search in the apartment of an elderly man had seized the laptop and mobile phone.

The pensioner said that a criminal case was initiated after contacting another user “Classmates” from Karaganda in the Internet-reception of the Prosecutor General.

“Nothing special I did not write. Was an adequate reaction to the arrogance of the opponent in the “Classmates”. The case was opened for a few photoshopped pics in the album in the public domain” — has clarified the situation Usoltsev.


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