According to sources of CNBC, Apple is planning to do more active development of the platform Apple Home. It suggests a new employee who recently moved to work in Cupertino.

According to sources, some time ago cupertinos hired former Microsoft Executive and CEO of Smart Lock Sam Gadalla. It is assumed that it will help Apple to improve and develop the platform to manage the smart gadgets in the house.

Jadallah worked at Microsoft from 1987 to 1999, holding the position of specialist in public relations. He then worked in several companies and founded his own startup. The main product of the latter was very expensive smart door lock, which cost about $ 700. However, the project failed. But many praised the design highly enough.

It is possible that the progress in the field of smart home devices and prompted Apple to offer Jadallah become a member of a special unit of the company, which is engaged in the Apple Home.


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