Original products from Xiaomi at discount prices.

Fresh selection of cool and unusual products from Xiaomi with big discounts. All presented in this material the goods Xiaomi can be purchased only in China — Russia are the truly outlandish products from Xiaomi officially, is unlikely to go in the near future.


Price: 1 to 128 rubles (discount 38%).

Lightweight and compact backpack which is a real hit Xiaomi on AliExpress. The backpack is made of high quality polyester and has a flexible adjustment system for optimal usage. However, more importantly, of course, the backpack is the design.

Transmitter-receiver Wi-Fi

Price: 338 roubles (25% discount).

A very versatile and powerful receiver-transmitter Wi-Fi. The gadget can work as a modem for a computer that does not have Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi transmitter to other devices. The speed of “cut” is minimal, and adjustment is made very simply in a special program.


Price: 2 343 rubles (20% discount).

The global version of Xiaomi’s popular DVR that fully supports Russian language, including voice prompts. DVR attracted not only modern and original appearance, but also their characteristics. Its wide-angle lens records 1080p video and works great even in low light conditions.

Knife set

Price: 2 147 rubles (discount 51%).

Set of two original Xiaomi knives, made of stainless steel. Knives do their main job perfectly — they’re sharp and cut any food with apparent ease. The knives are also very attractive and, no doubt, will decorate any kitchen.

Electric shaver

Price: 2 359 rubles (30% discount).

If you are tired of buying replacement units for razors, which lately is simply amazing, it’s time to think about buying electric shavers. Xiaomi can help out here — its sub-brand Mijia produces this chic electric razor with three heads and three modes!

“Smart” lamp

Price: 1 211 rubles (discount 38%).

The new version of “smart” bulb from Xiaomi. It is much better than previous — more colors and configuration capabilities through a mobile application even more flexible. An ideal purchase for those who want to start creating a smart home, but don’t spend a lot of money.

Network filter

Price: 884 ruble (discount 18%).

Quality surge protector with three outlets and three USB ports. Will be a great addition to any computer Desk, because it will allow you to charge mobile devices without additional adapters.


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