Updated the Nokia 8110 has attracted people’s attention in February, when it was announced at MWC 2018 along with the new smartphones Nokia. Wait for it soon – pre-order is already open, reports Techradar.

On the shelves the gadget will appear August 15. It was then all nostalgic for 90 years and fans of the “Matrix” will be able to get a long-awaited phone. And while those who really can’t wait, pre-order new items.

Banana background without a SIM card will cost wishing to 69.99 pounds, but in the first months of sales to buy it in Russia will not work. It is more expensive than previously released an updated Nokia 3310 with a cost of 45 pounds.

But it is quite logical: the new Nokia 8110 has support for 4G networks, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube and megapixel rear camera. In fact, banana-the background is almost a real smartphone.

That is especially might like today’s users – a good autonomy. On one charge the phone lives for five days. So to all lovers of traveling and Hiking 8110 will definitely come in handy. The novelty will appear in three colors: gray, black, or yellow banana.


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