The updated mobile operating system iOS 12.1.4 led to a massive failure on many devices of Apple worldwide. Reported by Forbes.

Many users complain that after installing the update significantly decreased the connection speed on wifi and LTE, and some owners of iPhone and iPad devices ceased to recognize the embedded SIM card.

While some users problems with data transmission speed was evident on iOS 12.1 and disappeared after the installation of the next update, but downloading the iOS version 12.1.4 has arisen again.

“iOS 12.1.4 is a real failure. After updating my iPhone XS has lost the connection to the primary SIM card. I rebooted and reflash its incredible number of times. Do it now and release the patch with the correction,” he wrote on his Twitter page the user is Rajneesh Batra. @AppleSupport #iOS_Update_Disaster

12.1.4 is UTTER FAILURE.

XS Updated yesterday and ever since lost the Primary SIM connectivity, Started Hanging and Rebooting is taking Hell of a Time.

Urgent Attention & Corrective Patch needed.

— RBat (@rajneeshbatra) February 10, 2019 “Apple Support guys, after I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.1.4, he ceased to recognize any SIM card. Please kindly consider this problem as a priority. Dear friends, do not upgrade your iPhone to iOS 12.1.4,” writes Santosh has Rautela. @AppleSupport — guys.. since I have upgraded to 12.1.4 phone my phone is not accepting any SIM. KINDLY LOOK FOR THE ISSUE on priority. Dear friends don’t upgrade ur ph to 12.1.4 IOS. My alternate number +91-9599053172.

— Santosh Rautela (@SantoshRautela1) February 10, 2019 I went to AT&T to troubleshoot the problem. I’ve restarted the device, took out the SIM, reset network settings, deleted the update and reinstalled 12.1.4, still showing “No Service”

— CRYBABY (@JamesGronroos) February 10, 2019 @AppleSupport I updated iPhone 7 Plus yesterday with update 12.1.4. Cellular date virtually none existent!.06-.10 speed. Did all the workarounds could find. Even reset phone. No change. Help!

— Keith (@1goldengator) February 10, 2019 Apple has not yet responded to the problem.

Previously, users of social networks noticed that FaceTime on iOS devices 12 gives you the opportunity to listen before they answer, — that is actually listening. Apple has promised to fix the bug in the next update of the system. 12 introduced iOS at WWDC in June 2018.

The main features of the new operating system was the support of group video calls, work with augmented reality technology, as well as improved performance on older devices.

In addition, iOS 12 expanded the functionality of the voice assistant Siri.

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