MOSCOW, 10 Aug — PRIME. Legislators from the house of representatives demanded that Google Inc. and Apple

Inc. information about how companies manage the personal data of users, including spoken words, email content and location data of users.

In letters addressed to heads of companies, heads of the influential Committee on energy and Commerce in the house of representatives noted that recent press reports and associated information obtained by the Committee raise questions about how companies collect and use information about consumers, the article says The Wall Street Journal, cited by Dow Jones.

In a letter to legislators, the CEO of Google Larry page says that, according to recent media reports, the Android operating system collects a large amount of data on the location of the user and sends them to Google even when location settings are disabled.

Given that many consumers are likely to believe that their phones do not keep track of their movements, when the geolocation service is inactive, “such behavior of the company is alarming”. This is stated in the letter signed by Committee Chairman Greg Walden (Republican, member of the house of representatives from Arizona), as well as three chairmen of sub-committees — Gregg Harper (Republican, member of house of representatives from Missouri), Marsha Blackburn (Republican, member of house of representatives from Tennessee), and Robert Lattas (Republican, member of house of representatives from Ohio).

In addition, the letter of Alphabet, raising questions about the article published by The Wall Street Journal last week. It said that Google continues to provide third parties access to the contents of user messages, although last year the company said it will stop scanning the contents of email correspondence, “to ensure the primacy of the private nature of the information and data protection”.

In the letter lawmakers sent to Apple CEO Tim cook, contains fewer questions. However, they relate to the same subject — do people pick the Apple a large amount of information about the location of users and whether transmit it to third parties. The letter States that the company’s actions “raise questions about how the protected user data of Apple device, and when this data is collected and who provide access to them.” The letter reminds that Apple grants access to the applications that seem to contradict her own principles for the protection of personal information.

Google in a statement yesterday said the following: “Protection of personal data of our users is for Google to be of paramount importance. We will be happy to answer the Committee’s questions”.

Apple refused to comment on the situation. Company online provides information about their actions to protect user data. It provides answers to some questions of the Committee.

In the letters, the legislators requested extensive information about the actions of companies, in particular about tracking the whereabouts of users, collecting audio data from users ‘ communication and provide these data to third parties such as application developers.

In both letters the question is, can the device companies “to eavesdrop on users” even when they do not resort to the help of virtual assistants. If you can, the lawmakers want to know how the company to further manage this information.

In addition, in the letters the question is, can the company monitor or restrict the data that is collected by third-party applications available on their devices.


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