Analysts the company B-Stock studied the market of used iPhone X and came to the conclusion that their price does not differ almost from new smartphones. This was reported by 9to5Mac.

According B-Stock, on average, used iPhone X is 15% cheaper than new. It is much more expensive compared to the previous generations of the iPhone.

The main reason for high prices is the increased demand for X. iPhone Buyers would rather buy a used smartphone for less money, but will not consider alternatives.

Used iPhone X is a great example of liquidity of Apple technology. In addition to new devices, even older computers and smartphones can be sold at a bargain price.

In Moscow, used iPhone X is 55-65 thousand rubles. New iPhone X on the Apple website sold from 79 990 rubles. While some retailers sell “top ten” for 65-76 thousand RUB Russia also sold officially restored iPhone X from 63 thousand.


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