And is expected to further rise in price.

The average cost of used smartphones in Russia continues to grow. According to Avito, in the period from July to September 2018 the average price of a used Android smartphones increased by 13% compared to the same period last year. Experts predict that the used smartphones will go up in the future.

Strongest in the secondary market rose smartphone Chinese company Huawei. Their average price increased by 25.4% compared to last year. In second place is Apple, which have risen 15.5%. Closes the top three Samsung, whose smartphones have risen by 13%.

The most popular second-hand smartphones in Russia remains iPhone. Moreover, the advantage over the models of other companies is significant. The share of the iPhone accounted for 57.5% of all queries in the category “Smartphones”. Demand creates a supply. 45% of all ads in category need to iPhone.

Then in popularity are the Xiaomi smartphones and Samsung. Their combined share of 29%. They gradually tightened, Huawei, and other manufacturers are generally losing ground.

Source: Avito.


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