In App Store there are many free and useful apps that are just waiting to be used. We have prepared a selection of 5 programs that can improve the quality of life.


Digital cameras are in widespread less than ten years, so many people have physical photos that I would like to attach to digital albums. For this purpose, Google has released the PhotoScan tool that creates digital copies of regular prints.

PhotoScan finds the corners of your photos and automatically removes glare.

Download the app at this link.

Facebook Local

Local is a dedicated Facebook client that shows events and notifications tied to where people live. Using the app is easy to follow cultural and business events that occur relatively close to the user.

To work Local authorization is required in Facebook.

Download the app at this link.

Just Watch

It so happens that I want to see the movie, but I can’t find where to buy or rent. Watch the authors Just released a tool that tries to tighten the user service subscriptions, and just redirects it to where this film is available.

We can say that Just Watch is a search engine for movies and TV series.

Download the app at this link.


One of the tools to manage lists in the App Store. The app is easy to store and find all sorts of lists, and recipes.

Download the app at this link.


In the App Store you can find a lot of clones, but the official client of “Wikipedia” from the developers of the Wikimedia Foundation lets you find information quickly, easily and free.

Download the app at this link.


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