New threat to users Aliexpress.

The Dr. The Web has documented numerous cases of phishing attacks on users of an online store AliExpress. The gullibility of customers, hackers are trying to intercept card data and other sensitive information. Experts note that the attack is carefully planned, and a database of email addresses of users AliExpress hackers could buy or steal one of the most popular cash back services.

In Runet recorded a large sending phishing emails to customers of AliExpress. The letter is made in the style of these, and the appeal to users is by name, which further lulls the vigilance. In the letters of AliExpress customers notify you of exclusive promotions, which are available to them free products or huge discounts.

The links in the email is a fake website, made in the style of the official website of AliExpress. If the user performs any “purchase” using data from your Bank card, this information is instantly sent to the scammers.

Dr. Web believe that such mass mailing of phishing emails to users AliExpress could only be done on a pre-collected database. Experts do not exclude the possibility that hackers could steal or buy a database with customer data from one of the AliExpress cashback-services. However, at the moment no proof of this.

In order not to fall into the trap of fraudsters, it is enough to be vigilant. It is recommended to pay attention to domain name websites and email addresses in any way associated with AliExpress. In either case, the domain should be

Source: Dr. Web.


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