Bloomberg notes that this year shipments of Apple wireless headphones increased two times. This increase is primarily due to the “explosive” demand for AirPods Pro.

The authors note that the cupertinos were not expecting such demand for the model with noise reduction. A source familiar with the situation says that now Apple just can not meet consumer demand, even when working at full capacity.

It is noteworthy that the user does not stop even a high price. Initially, some experts expressed cautious idea that the rising cost of AirPods can have a negative impact on sales. Also your “contribution” was to make the competitors, which contributes to the release of more affordable models. However, in reality everything turned out differently. Many users are willing to pay for AirPods with a noise reduction system.

At the moment, Apple remains the market leader in fully-wireless headphones. According to experts, this year the total sales of all models AirPods should be close to 60 million.


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