Fortunately, the problem has a solution!

11.4 the iOS update brought support for iPhone long-awaited features “Messages in iCloud” and AirPlay 2. However, with the innovations on the iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11.4 has deteriorated the battery life. IPhone owners are actively complaining about the “rapid” battery drain after upgrading, and complaints is really a lot.

Users of various models of the iPhone are indicative of the deterioration of the battery life of the smartphone after installing iOS 11.4 on the official forum of Apple support. In the created subject about the unpleasant issue noted more than three thousand users in a few days. This suggests that the reduction in work time iPhone iOS 11.4 happened many problematic cases are not isolated.

In his comments, the iPhone owners say their smartphones are discharged even when they are not using them. If one of the users of iPhone 6s, charge the device battery drops to zero in just four hours, most of which the smartphone is at rest.

In the statistics of your battery life in the smartphone it is argued that the iPhone always loaded. Users consider that the problem may lie in the work of some invisible process, which is to blame in a rapid discharge of the device.

Reboot, including “hard” does not help solve the problem. Many facing 11.4 iOS users managed to solve it by reinstalling the firmware using iTunes.


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