Users continue to find problems in the new MacBook Pro 2018. Earlier owners of the new “proshek” already complained about overheating top version and sound problems. However, the cupertinos have been able to eliminate errors with a software updates. But after the update users found new problems.

According to information posted on the popular network resource is Reddit, after installing the update, which has fixed the problem with sound, speakers, MacBook Pro 2018 cease to reproduce bass. Simply put, the sound becomes “flat”, sharp and with dominant high frequencies.

While similar features are misleading just a few of Reddit users. However, the problem is more widespread. Cupertinos have so far refrained from any comment.

However, users have already found a way to return the speakers still “vasovist”. To do this, open the system Monitor and force quit the process “coreaudiod”. After that audio driver needs to reboot, and the sound to regain the lost bass and depth.


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