Apple released the first 12.9-inch tablet for quite some time. Initially, such devices seemed too convenient. However, as became clear later, the demand for a tablet with such diagonal is. And many already want to see an iPad with a 13.9 and even 15-inch screens.

Recently 9to5mac made a poll among readers to find out whether Apple to release a tablet with a diagonal of more than the 12.9-inch. More than 55% of respondents said that the cupertinos is not necessary to increase the diagonal of the iPad. However, there were also those whom the idea of the tablet with a 15-inch screen seemed interesting.

According to some users, the 12.9-inch is the minimum screen size, which allows you to use the tablet for various professional tasks. However, they would not have refused to get an iPad with a larger display. For example, with a diagonal of 13.9 or even 15 inches.

It is noteworthy that about 14% of respondents voted in favor of an iPad with a screen over 15 inches. We can assume that among people who expressed a preference for such “giant” turned out to be a lot of artists. The latter is very important to have a large space for drawing and working with graphics.


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