Apple really pleased.

Exactly a year ago, at the end of September, literally the whole Internet was filled with negative reviews about iOS 11. Firmware scolded almost all iPhone and iPad users. But with iOS 12 the situation is quite different. Update praise the majority of iPhone and iPad users that are really in awe of what changes have occurred compared to iOS 11. Have compiled the latest reviews on iOS 12 in this material.

Online you can find a lot of reviews about iOS 12. IPhone and iPad users to share their feelings about the updates on the official forum, Reddit and other relevant resources. Below we have collected some fresh reviews about the iOS 12, in which users talk about the experience of using the updates during the week.

“iOS 12 there real quick on my iPhone 6. On iOS 11 I got used to the fact that the camera is triggered with a delay of almost ten seconds. After the upgrade it opens instantly! And this smartphone, which is already four years and he’s only got 1 GB of RAM! Even more interesting was what happened at Apple is that iOS 11 was such a horrible IOS?”, user with the nickname ybfelix.

“iOS 12 — it’s a miracle! IOS 11, I could get a new message, try to open it and get to the white screen (application just hangs). Because of these bugs I was seriously thinking to get rid of his “six” and buy a new iPhone this year. But iOS 12 all changed, I put off the purchase 🙂 ” — user with the nickname hashim.

“I fully support the other commentators. I quietly installed iOS on the iPhone 12 SE his wife late in the evening. Flipped through the menu, I opened applications — high speed! In the morning began to wait for her reaction. She almost shouted, “is there something You did to him?! Why is it so fast?“. I think that is a great confirmation that iOS 11 Apple finally tried to” — the user Clockwork.

“iOS 12 just gave my iPhone 5s a chance. If a month ago I wanted to throw it out, now again pleasure to use!”, user alexjo.

“You start to forget about iOS 11, as about a bad dream. And I really hope that in the future Apple will not release anything like it, and will continue to improve iOS 12”, — H3rB.

“I’ll be brief. This is the best update in the last few years!” — lirok.

And such positive reviews all over the Internet you can find a great variety. And every day their number is growing. Users claim that the battery life iOS 12 is gradually becoming fine. The problems with autonomy immediately after installation really caused by the fact that iOS 12 global starts the indexing process, which takes time.

Read more about how to speed up the indexing and make your iPhone running iOS 12 worked for as long as possible, you can in this instruction.


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