Until the end of the year, the game Artifact will be released on all desktop platforms, the mobile version will release in 2019.

Valve has announced a release date for the collectible card game Artifact for PC, Linux and Mac — November 28 2018. Unfortunately many fans, the novelty will be not free, and it will have to pay $ 20.

In 2019, the developers promise to release a mobile version. It’s unclear how Valve intends to promote Artifact on Android and iOS, because 20 dollars is a very substantial price. Perhaps by the time the game will be free, and spend the money the users will compensate the damage in-game items.

Artifact first announced at The International in 2017, the main Dota 2 tournament and the biggest kibersportivnogo event of the year. Work on the project attracted Richard Garfield, the Creator of the legendary collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. Artifact events occur in the universe of Dota 2, and many elements will retain features inherent in MOBA.

As in the case with Magic: The Gathering, when you buy Artifact, the user will receive the base set of cards. It includes two preset decks of 54 cards, including 5 heroes and 9 items. They will be accompanied by 12 sets each of which contains 12 random cards. For additional sets will need to pay $ 2.

Only on the day of release the game will consist of 280 cards, and users will be able to sell them in the Steam Marketplace.

Artifact is the first game Valve released after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, in 2013 the company has officially released Dota 2, but this MOBA for a few years was in open beta.


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