To foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold had a lot of questions at the stage of the presentation, the chief of which were his durability — how durable is the glass, which is necessary to bend and straighten several times a day? Suspicions were justified, as the journalists reported that the Galaxy Fold breaks down almost on the first day of use.

Barely a couple of days

On the eve it became known that the journalists finally got to hold and test Galaxy foldable Fold. The fact that Samsung refused to show the device close to immediately after the presentation. This has led to the emergence of several conspiracy theories, ranging from the version that the new galaxy came out too thick and ugly, and ending with the fact that the design is not final and will undergo to yield significant changes.

After the reviewers still gave Galaxy Fold on hand, something happened that everyone feared — the smartphone screen started to crack.

The screen on my Galaxy Fold review unit is completely broken and unusable in just two days. Hard to know if this is widespread or not.— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) 17 APR 2019

One reported the problem became mark Harman from Bloomberg. He showed the smartphone, in which one half of the screen is completely “dead”, saying that they had managed to borrow Galaxy Fold.

In a subsequent tweet Garman said that before using removed the protective film from the screen, which turned out to be impossible to remove it.

“I removed it, because I didn’t know that it is impossible (other buyers too will not know). It seemed to me that she is removed from one edge, so I removed it. I guess this is also adding to the problems,” writes the columnist in his Twitter.

Later mark Garman has published photos on which the screen of the Galaxy Fold not working at all.

The same problem faced by Marques Brownlee, who warned his subscribers that the top layer on the display — no protective film, and a glass protector.

“I started to take it off, and my screen flashed and went out. Had to ask for a replacement,” writes Brownlee.

PSA: There’s a layer that appears to be a screen protector on the Galaxy s display Fold’. It’s NOT a screen protector. Do NOT remove it.

I got this far peeling it off before the display spazzed out and blacked. Started over with a replacement.— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) 17 APR 2019

Considering that this smartphone costs $1980, which is even higher than the cost of Apple gadgets, the lack of warning about the need to preserve the top layer of the film seems absurd joke from Samsung.

However, problems with the screen of the Galaxy Fold are due not only to removal of the protector. CNBC commentator Steve Kovach stated that his smartphone is broken after one day of use — half of the screen suddenly began to flash. While the film is in place.

After one day of use…— Steve Kovach (@stevekovach) 17 APR 2019

The journalist of The Verge, Dieter Bon complained on another issue he groped under the screen of your Galaxy Fold some “bump” that can be felt with fingers. In addition, it slightly distorted the display. It was probably a manufacturing defect, as the bulge was very firm. This led to the fact that in the end, after several flexion and extension “bump” pushing through the screen, leaving a hole.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the Galaxy Fold is not included in the repair program Samsung.

In its official comments Samsung says that the company is aware that some observers are faced with the dysfunction of the screen. For this reason an investigation will be conducted to establish the cause of failure.

“In addition, some journalists took the top layer of the display, which led to his injuries. Home screen Galaxy Fold includes a protector that is part of it, created to protect the screen from accidental scratches. Removing the protector or the addition of an adhesive film on the main display can cause damage. We make sure our buyers receive this information,” — said the press service of Samsung.

Expensive and thick

Samsung Galaxy Fold was presented at the annual presentation of the company in February 2019. He immediately attracted attention, as they were foldable — when folded, the display is 4.6 inch and unfolded to 7.3, that is, in fact, he turns into a small tablet.

In addition, the gadget is equipped with six cameras — three are installed on the rear panel, one on the front and two at the sides. Galaxy Fold will support the standard LTE or 5G and will be on sale from on 26 April 2019.

The form factor of the Galaxy Fold immediately raised a few questions, and not only to its exorbitant cost of nearly $2000.

First of all, journalists were worried about the “seam” that occurs in the middle of the screen while unbending. For example, on full screen Galaxy Fold this crease barely noticeable, but on close examination, is still present. And, as is often the case with faults as soon as you see her, you will not be able to “unsee”.

In addition, all interested in the thickness of the device — after all, smartphone manufacturers have so long sought to thin gadgets that any thickening will cause negative user. The increased thickness of the smartphone could be, if there was a capacious battery, which would sustain up to five days of Autonomous operation without recharging but anything else is carrying a small brick in your pocket can not be justified.

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