A very strange bug in iOS 12.

In iOS 12 found a new bug, which allows an outsider to access the photos of iPhone owner, even if the smartphone is locked. A bug discovered in the voice assistant Siri and he is up to date including iOS 12.0.1, released this week.

A vulnerability in Siri found one of the iPhone users who shared its use on your YouTube channel. To access the photos on a locked iPhone, you need to call up Siri and ask an assistant to activate VoiceOver.

Then you need to achieve a very strange system error interface iOS, which is the result of successive taps on the display, the start button of the camera and the Home button. How to induce this bug, the user detail showed in the video.

System crashing in iOS allows you to navigate through the operating system interface with voice commands in VoiceOver. Thus the cracker cannot see what is on the display, as the bug makes the interface invisible. However, guided by the voice prompts, VoiceOver can be extremely easy access to photos on iPhone and, furthermore, to send them anywhere.

Of course, exploitation of this vulnerability is possible only under condition of obtaining access to your iPhone. However, if you don’t want to have that risk, just go to the menu “Settings” → “Siri and search” and disable “Siri lock screen“.

Source: YouTube.


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