The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max 21 Sep went on sale in the countries of the first wave. Of course, among the first buyers was and YouTube-bloggers who began to remove reviews and tests new products. For example, the author of the channel TechSmartt shot a video in which assessed their strength.

Blogger held a series of merciless tests, the drop height on concrete surface. In addition to the new iPhone, in his hands was the last year’s iPhone X.

The first test for smartphones is falling from the height of his pants pocket. All three devices got a little damaged in the area of the side faces, but the front and back panels remained unharmed.

The second test is the drop of the head during conversation. IPhone X and iPhone XS Max got a significant crack on displays. The iPhone XS, surprisingly, no damage received.

Finally, the blogger dropped smartphones with 3-meter height. Most got iPhone model XS is the Max — after the fall of its display out of order. Rear panel X last year’s iPhone was cracked, and iPhone XS again received only minor damage.

Of course, the video carries only entertaining — it’s impossible to judge the strength of smartphones. In real situations, the integrity of devices depends on many factors, ranging from the height and the angle of incidence and finishing hardness and surface topography.

Have you ever drop your smartphone? About the consequences you can tell in the comments or in our Telegram chat.


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