#Video: iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9. Who is faster?

At the presentation of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, the company placed special emphasis on high-performance processor Apple A12 Bionic. No wonder it paid so much attention: because it is the first chip built on 7-nanometer technological process, involving all the possibilities of machine learning. First synthetic tests showed unequivocal superiority of Apple A12 over the competition. However, benchmarks are not always reflect the real situation and real experience can differ dramatically. In order to put an end to this issue, blogger PhoneBuff conducted a speed comparison between the two most current flagships from the world of iOS and Android — iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9.

As a method of comparison of the flagships, the blogger chose the easiest way is to alternate running apps first on one device and then on the other. The time of passage of each “circle” was recorded by the timer. For maximum purity of the experiment were used robotic mechanism, which eliminates the human factor and minimizes possible errors. Let’s find out what happened.

The results were as follows: iPhone XS Max came to the finish line first, beating his opponent by nearly 15 seconds. The flagship Apple managed to hold on to all downloaded applications, due to the increased amount of RAM. Recall that last year, in the same test, the iPhone X have failed the test of multitasking.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 launched the application fairly quickly, this model still was not able to compete with the iPhone XS Max. But we must pay tribute, the smartphone the South Korean giant was able to keep in memory all sixteen of running programs and have shown themselves very adequately. However, the victory in this test should still award the iPhone XS Max.

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