The Apple brand is the most expensive in the world for six years, the gap from the other brands is enormous. In this regard, it is difficult to believe that in 2010, Apple’s brand was not even in the ranking of the 15 most expensive and recognizable brands in the world. The Apple brand has made a real breakthrough, to follow which was possible in an interactive graph.

The graph clearly shows that until 2010, the Apple brand was not even in the top 15 most valuable brands in the world. Breaking into the top 15 brands began in 2010, when Steve Jobs. The Apple brand is rapidly made their way to the top, to 2013, coming in first place. Then the company operated Tim cook.

Interactive graph shows that 2013 has largely become iconic for the brand Apple, which not only climbed to the first place, but immediately broke away from the others. In 2013, under the leadership of Tim cook Apple announced many important products, including iPhone 5s, iPad Air and a fully updated operating system iOS 7.

In subsequent years, the Apple brand only increased its advantage. Note that shown in this chart the figures are the rating of brands by the Interbrand company. According to estimates, another consulting company Brand Finance in the last two years, the Apple brand lost leadership to the brand Amazon.

Source: Twitter.


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