1 November will take place the launch of streaming service Apple TV+ Russia and other countries. There will be a show unique content created by the showrunners specifically for Apple. Now it turned out that for Russian-speaking audience, the company dubbing will do.

In the Russian language will be available in subtitles only. About this “Kommersant” said sources close to Apple. The company itself has yet to officially situation is not commented.

Apple TV will work on a subscription model, and according to “cupertinos”, to have only original content. The service will soon launch in more than 100 countries. Throughout the year Apple TV+ will be available for free for buyers of new devices. For all others the cost will make 199 roubles per month.

Experts believe that while the video service Apple aimed at the American market. In Russia, he is unlikely to occupy a significant share due to the lack of “relevant to the Russian audience content.” And Apple, it seems, is not counting on a large influx of Russian-speaking audience in the first stage. The lack of voice voice experts consider “critical”.

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