Disney continues negotiations with third party content creators, this was confirmed by CEO Robert iger.

This can give service, Disney+ more audience, because the service itself will focus on family audiences and fans of the franchise, the rights to which Disney has in recent years bought without looking. Exclusive at the start of the service will be the TV series “Captain marvel”, and in the future it is planned to launch a number of series associated with the feature film universes of marvel (“the Avengers” and other comic book movies) and Star wars.

The main problem Disney+ is an absence of platform content distribution. In this respect, the future is the same service Apple has a big advantage, because he will have direct access to hundreds of millions of users of computers and mobile devices on iOS. On traditional platforms, Smart TV and network — Disney+ will compete with Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Hulu. Some of these services may share their own content, but it will mean that a direct subscription to it will become meaningless. And that’s another task for Robert iger.

The main advantage of Disney+ is an access to a huge library of movies, TV series and TV shows. In parallel with the launch of the Disney it may restrict access to this library to third-party video services, which will cause a completely new formation war for the content and the audience. It is now clear that the average user is not willing to pay for a subscription to multiple video services, and thus to fight for every paying customer the video will be with a vengeance.

SOURCE: Content-Review

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