Author YouTube channel FixjeiPhone became one of the first who took apart the iPhone XS. He estimated its maintainability and studied a new battery. Video in Dutch, but in the settings you can turn on English subtitles.

the iPhone XS is protected to IP68 standard and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters. To achieve this, Apple implemented the design of a large number of dust – and waterproofing sealers. They separate the screen from the case became much more complicated. This means that repairs will take longer and cost more.

IPhone X, iPhone XS used L-shaped battery. It is noteworthy that he was solid in the model 2017 it consisted of two connected modules.

As mentioned earlier, the battery holds 2658 mAh of energy. This is less than iPhone X, however, Apple says that under normal use, the novelty will last 30 minutes longer. Most likely, the energy efficiency was improved by Apple A12, performed on a 7-mm process technology.

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