“Fi Project”, launched a few years ago, has finally evolved to a full service and is now called “Google Fi”. It’s all the same virtual mobile operator, but now he had the support of most platforms and versions phones. The exact list of models is unknown, but it definitely includes devices produced by Apple and almost all modern smartphones running Android.
Technically, to ensure that when Google Fi or just Fi uses the same radio frequency and network coverage, as regular operators, but legally it is a separate operator. On what terms Google has partnered with major providers, not so important, its customers, the service offers clear and transparent services as an alternative to those strange and tariffs imposed upon the packages that the sin many players in the market. For example, there are no subscription fees and the user pays for exactly the amount of data used for the selected tariff.

Another apparent advantage of when using Fi — total data encryption: in fact, they are passed through a specially designed “Google release” of the VPN. Thought option as a gesture of resistance to the American authorities, who demand from IT companies for the issuance of user data. Alas, for this had to sacrifice other secondary functions that have traditional Telecom operators.

IPhone owners will now be able to use Fi without special SIM cards by default. But right now is full support available to them only a beta version of the service. Everything will change after the release of the themed apps Google Fi iOS, which is currently being prepared for release.

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