The service will make life easier for cardholders.

The company Visa is preparing to launch a new service for money transfers from one card to the mobile phone number. Initially with the new Visa service will operate four banks, but after to connect with other. This was reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the counterparties with Visa.

A new service of transfers from card to card from Visa at launch will support the Bank “home Credit Bank, Tinkoff Bank”, VTB and “Russian Standard”. Bank representatives have confirmed this information and stated that rates for transfers by phone number will be identical to those that apply for transactions by card number. Thus, the new service will allow Visa customers supported banks to make money transfers easily, without losing money.

One of the main features of the new service, Visa will be able to connect to the service card, not only Visa, but also other systems. According to the representative “home Credit Bank”, due to this customers do not need to think about how to map what you are translating. It will be enough to know the telephone number and transfer with a minimum Commission could be implemented.

The Visa company runs a similar system transfer phone number is not the first in Russia. Earlier similar services for their customers provided the “savings Bank” and Mastercard.

Source: Statements.


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