Users close together profile.

On August 31 in social network “Vkontakte” there was an important change. “VKontakte” has given users the ability to completely close their pages to view from the outside by just pressing one button. A new feature was introduced after the recent high-profile court cases brought against the social network users for distributing memes and pictures.

How to use it?

To use the new function of “Vkontakte” and to fully protect your page from being viewed by people not on my friends list is very simple. Just go to the privacy settings page and activate the option “private profile”.

What people see when my profile is hidden?

Activation closed profile automatically hides the display of all content for people who are not in the friends list of the user. When you view a private profile does not display the sections of “Community”, “History”, “Personal information”, “Photo”, “Music”, “Video” and other.

On the private profile to view available solely General information: birthday, city and education.

According to numerous reviews in the social network, many users immediately took the opportunity and shut down their profiles. The main reason lies in the sensational court cases instituted in the second half of 2018. The most famous convicted for the publication in “Vkontakte” — Maria Matuska can get a real time not even for publication, and for the preservation of memes.

Another cause for concern for users is the emergence in Russia of the so-called “cyberdruid”. This group of young people who travel through the pages of the Russians, seek out a potentially “dangerous” content and send to the court.

Source: VK.


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