Network Vkontakte has begun testing its own mobile messenger for iOS and Android. The app is available in Google Play and Apple App Store, but it is not available to all.

VKontakte offers to test your new messenger with a strange name VK Me only to residents of Kazakhstan — the rest can only wait until the stable final version. VK Me is not tied to your account in a social network, so you can write to all the people from the notebook, even if they are not in Contact. It is difficult to say what is the meaning of this messenger in the presence of WhatsApp and Telegram, but still.

Me VK is distributed free of charge and allows you to write and call interlocutors, have group chats, send photos and video along with audio messages, make video calls and so on. There are even stickers, in short, a complete set of features available. But while nothing unique and interesting to please Me VK may not — memasuki and voice messages can be sent in any other messenger. By the way, the information about the presence or absence VK Me advertising and encryption yet.

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