Social network “Vkontakte” preparing to launch payment service VK Pay. The new product will allow you to pay “votes VK”, traffic fines, mobile communications, digital television and a number of other services.

At the moment VK Pay presented in the form of separate web apps, each of which is responsible for the payment of specific services. They are based on money transfer system “Vkontakte”, which allows users to transfer each other funds in rubles without Commission.

Despite the fact that some users are already unable to access to applications for payment of services to use them it is impossible, says TJ. The editor tried to pay using Pay VK mobile phones, but the payment was not carried out due to unavailability of the service.

Plans Vkontakte to launch its own payment service, it became known in March 2018. Then the Agency RNS reported that social network users will be able to pay with VK Pay the vast majority of services from pizza delivery to cafes and hotels.


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