The new service will appear in the summer.

Social network “Vkontakte” preparing to launch their own service for sharing short videos. Analogue TikTok from “Vkontakte” should be running by the summer of 2019, according to sources familiar with the plans of the team.

The name of the analog TikTok “Vkontakte” has not yet been disclosed. It is known that the service will be available to users as a separate mobile application. In it, users can record small video clips, process them and send to friends.

The new service of “Vkontakte” will have deep integration with the social network, due to which right from the start there will be a large audience. The sources noted that despite the similarity of the new service with TikTok, a full clone of the application will not. The developers will provide a variety of original features, such as the ability for multiple users simultaneously to perform the job.

According to sources, the new service of “Vkontakte” will be launched by the summer of 2019. Representatives of the social network has not commented on the information about the new service.

Source: Statements.


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