On the site of one of the most popular cross-platform apps for watching videos, VLC Player, the counter just passed the mark of 3 billion downloads. The figure includes downloads of all versions of the program (0.7.2) on all platforms from February 2005.

Most downloads of a program, able to play video and music in almost all conceivable formats have to the Windows platform — about 2.45 billion 270 million times users downloaded VLC for desktop OSes Apple (OS X/macOS), 240 million — for Android 29 million for iOS. Other download have on various Linux distributions, and source code.

Representatives of the developer of VLC, VideoLAN, the company, told Variety that currently about a quarter of downloads are from mobile platforms. According to them, the plans of the founders of popular player support AirPlay in the Android version of the app. This will allow you to stream video over a home Wi-Fi network from your mobile device to Apple TV or any of the new TVs (including Samsung, LG and Sony line 2019) that supports the technology.

∎The legendary Winamp will be reborn in 2019-chitayte also

In addition, CES was demonstrated finding in the development of VR-player mode. With its help the owners of virtual reality helmets, such as the HTC Vive will be able to watch videos in a virtual cinema.

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