Apple has already begun to deliver buyers previously ordered Apple Watch Series 4, and users in turn began to explore new. In particular, one of the visitors to Reddit decided to compare the volume of the new dynamics in Series 4 of the Apple Watch with other Apple devices. After a series of tests found that the new smart watch Apple play noticeably louder than some iPad models.

The Reddit user did not measure the volume of devices in ideal conditions. He just turned four different track on the Apple Watch and iPad and measured the volume using a special device. In all four cases, the new Apple’s smart watch was a bit louder than the iPad mini. In almost all cases, the difference in volume is less than two dB. However, given the compact size of the Apple Watch, even those values look quite impressive.

Recall that as part of the September presentation cupertinos separately drew the attention of users that the new Apple Watch became noticeably louder predecessors. According to kupertinovtsy, the increase in volume is 50%.


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