Over the last few years Apple has significantly increased the security of its+th mobile operating system, fixing a number of vulnerabilities that hackers could use to hack iOS. However, as practice shows, vulnerabilities still exist. The other day it clearly showed Chinese security experts.

A few days ago two Chinese experts on security Min Zheng and Bai Sulong published in Twitter proof POP-attack on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max running iOS 12.1.2. Previously, experts had already used the vulnerability to hack an older Apple smartphones. In particular, the iPhone 6s. However, it is now the turn of iPhone Xs.

In fact, successful hacking proves that the CPU A12 Bionic has a vulnerability which makes possible the jailbreak. It remains only to wait when will release the appropriate utility. However, while it remains a mystery whether the specialists to work on the jailbreak.

At the moment many users do not see any need in “Gale”. For this reason, at the end of last year, one of the main participants of the jailbreak community and developer of Cydia has announced the closure of the project.


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